Special Report By Jennifer Costa November 19, 2015


WCAX. Burlington, VT New drivers are learning the rules of the road. But the lessons taught in this driver's ed class apply to anyone behind the wheel, especially this winter.
Scott heads the state police traffic safety unit. He's seen hundreds of nasty crashes and says many are preventable.
"Thousands of other cars are able to make it through that stretch without going off the road, then that means that driver did something to cause themselves to go off the roadway," Scott explained.
"I think people need to practice," Scott said.

And we found a way to do that before the snow flies.

"So we'll get you into the simulator. Just like a regular car," Paul Burroughs said.

Burroughs runs My Decision Driving, a simulation company that tours the state in an RV helping drivers make smarter choices on the road.

"I'll turn the rain into snow," Burroughs said.

And suddenly I was surrounded by 180 degrees of wintry conditions in the middle of fall.

"That's the beauty of simulation," Burroughs said. "We can create a safe environment here for you to experiment."
He says here is where students get a crash course in slippery roads and spin-outs without paying the price. By: Jennifer Costa